Following our #hashtags

Following Red Zone’s twitter can be challenging at times, we understand! If you have ever not understood the #hashtags we use, consider this a crash course. 
#wtfsageegee – Honestly, who the eff knows? (But for real though – first horse out of the gate, last to cross the finish line.)
#ontothenextone – Win or lose, there is no sense in getting hung up on the last team, time to move on and prep for the next one.
#weloveourteam – I mean, come on guys. Do I need to explain this?
#youcantdothat – When the other team does something stupid and the refs are actually paying attention. Some people call them fouls or penalties – we just say “You fucked up!”
#DirtyBirds – Those who flock never truly leave us, and this #hashtag represents this. Red Zone alumni are known as ‘dirty birds,’ so where this #hashtag is found, so is a former member.
#GoRavensGo – If you don’t understand this one why are you even here?

Oh hey! While we have you here, why don’t you give us a follow on Twitter





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