1. Love You Carleton U! (Same tune as F**k You Ottawa U!) It goes like this:
Carleton University’s the place you wanna be
Where the drinks are always cheap and the sex is usually free
So if you like to party then it’s the place to be
So welcome to Carleton U
2 3 4
Love You Carleton U (what?!) x2
En francais we don’t speak French at Carleton U
So Love You Carleton U
2 3 4
We’re The F**king Ravens!!!! (while dancing) x3
2. Go Ravens Go
Deep in the heart of the Carleton stands,
Let me hear those Ravens fans
Go Ravens Go Ravens Go x2
3. We Are The Ravens
1! We are the Ravens!
2! A little bit louder!!
3! I still can’t hear you!!!
4! more More MORE!!!!
4. Oh I’d Rather Be a Raven than a French (for all those Quebec schools we face…and Ottawa U)
Oh I’d rather be a Raven than a French
Oh I’d rather hit the ice/court/field than ride the bench
Cuz all you have is poutine
And all your plays are routine
Oh I’d rather be a Raven than a French
5. To the Window (Hockey Cheer)
To the windooooowwwww, To the wall
Til the Ravens start a brawl
All those (insert opposing team) crawl
Ah skate skate on the (insert opposing team) 
Ah skate skate god damn 
6. Championships Make us Gr8 (from Halifax when we won our 8th national basketball title)
1 2 3 4
Listen up we’ll tell you more!
5 6 7 8
Championships make us gr8!
7. Red Zone Swagger (to the tune of Moves Like Jagger)
We got that Red Zone Swagger x2
We got that reeEEeeEEeed zone swagger
8. To The Window Revised (Hockey Cheer)
From the Blue Line, To the Red
Til the helmet’s off your head
Paint that white ice red
Ah fight fight mother f**kers
Ah fight fight god damn

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