1. F**k You Ottawa U!
There’s a hole in the city and its name is Ottawa U,
And if you’re dull and boring, then it’s the place for you.
And if you’re into concrete and ugly buildings too,
Then welcome to Ottawa U
2 3 4
F**k you, Ottawa U (what?!) x2
En Francais c’est fuckez vous Ottawa U,
So f**k you Ottawa U
2 3 4
What the f**ck’s Gee-Gee x3 (while dancing)
2. Love You Carleton U! (Same tune as F**k You Ottawa U!) It goes like this:
Carleton University’s the place you wanna be
Where the drinks are always cheap and the sex is usually free
So if you like to party then it’s the place to be
So welcome to Carleton U
2 3 4
Love You Carleton U (what?!) x2
En francais we don’t speak French at Carleton U
So Love You Carleton U
2 3 4
We’re The F**king Ravens!!!! (while dancing) x3
3. Go Ravens Go
Deep in the heart of the Carleton stands,
Let me hear those Ravens fans
Go Ravens Go Ravens Go x2
4. We Are The Ravens
1! We are the Ravens!
2! A little bit louder!!
3! I still can’t hear you!!!
4! more More MORE!!!!
Repeat 3x
5. I’d Rather be a Raven Than a Horse
Oh I’d rather be a Raven than a horse *clap clap*
Oh I’d rather have success in the workforce *clap clap*
So if you want a squeegee, then be a f**king Gee-Gee,
Oh I’d rather be a Raven than a horse *clap clap*
6. If I had the Wings of a Raven
If I had the wings of a Raven,
If I had the ass of a crow,
I’d fly over Lansdowne Stadium,
And shit on the Gee-Gees below below,
Shit on, shit on,
Shit on the Gee-Gees below!

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