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#FreePedro: The Week of the Panda

This week, the most epic rivalry football game of the season takes place. This Saturday at 1pm your Carleton Ravens take on the uOttawa Gee Gees in an attempt to #FreePedro. The Gee Gees having been holding Pedro captive after their victory in last year’s game and the Ravens need your help as a member of the #PandaRescueTeam to #packtheplace and bring Pedro home. To do this, we need you to tweet #CUthere. If Carleton has more tweets than uOttawa then their mascot has to wear our jersey at the game!

Interested in coming out to cheer on the Ravens? You can find us in the atrium (4th floor UC) all this week from 10am-3pm. Make sure you come on by to pick up your tickets for Panda Game ($20), an unreal #freePedro t-shirt ($10), and your Red Zone membership ($10)! 

Want to brush up on your cheers? Check out the ones about uOttawa here.

Want to get to know some of the guys playing on the #PandaRescueTeam? Check out interviews with the quarterback and three members of the offensive line below!

#1 Nick Gorgichuk

#61 Alexandros Reklitis

#63 Tyler Young

#64 Tommy Kanichis


Home games this week:

Wednesday September 17th: Men’s Soccer: RMC @ Carleton, 6:30pm Ravens Field

Thursday September 18th: Men’s Hockey: PEI @ Carleton, 7pm Ice House (Pre-season Action)

Saturday September 20th: Football: Ottawa @ Carleton, Panda Game, 1pm Lansdowne Park

Saturday September 20th: Men’s Hockey: PEI @ Carleton, 7pm Ice House (Pre-season Action)

Want to find out more about Panda Game? Check out our Facebook event or come say hi in the atrium! We can’t wait to #CUthere! 

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