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Turn up for 10: Get to Know Your Ravens

Turn up for 10

Nationals weekend is always crazy but a Battle of Ottawa final definitely changes the game!

Tipoff is at 2:00pm today, buses will be rolling out of Carleton at 12:30. Avoid the #FOMO by snagging a seat on one of the buses rolling down the beautiful 417 on this lovely Sunday afternoon.

Ravens look to pick up their 10th CIS national title and the GeeGees are thirsty for their first.  We’re hoping both teams keep their respective titles: CIS Champion Ravens and the University of zerO. Pack the seats, clap your thundersticks together and takeover the CTC with your Raven Pride. Just because U of zerO is the top seed doesn’t mean they should feel the benefits of a home court advantage.

They may not let us be on the court, but no reason we can’t be the 6th man in the stands.

Need any more reason to come on out today?  Check out this interview with one of the players we will be supporting today.

Today we bring you:  Mr. Passionate, the Victorious B.I.G.,

                #15 Victor “Hustle” Raso.


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