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Following our #hashtags

Have you ever been reading our twitter feed and felt a sense of confusion when looking at our hashtags? Or been standing in a room of Red Zone Captains and not understood the random words or sayings they randomly yell out? Well, we are here to help!

Here are a list of some of our common hashtags along with an explanation. Unfortunately, there are some explanations that will still leave  you confused, we don’t even understand all of them.

#Binning – it’s like winning, but much better looking
#Halifucked – the perpetual state of drunkeness and exhaustion Red Zone feels at Nationals
#Scrubbem – Phil and Tommy Scrubb dominating the other basketball teams
#Gr8ness – the title you receive along with 8 National Championships
…and soon to be followed with #Divine9 – working on it
#wtfsageegee – cause we don’t really know…. #premature…first horse out of the gate, last to cross the finish line
#Halifaxexplosion – an inappropriate historical reference, but it was very appropriate for how Halifax felt when Red Zone was in town
#funreal – we’re awesome…fun and unreal…best of both worlds
#SnapbackTuesday#SnapbacktoReality – and on Tuesdays, we wear Snapbacks (hats…)
#yougotscrubbed – when the Scrubb brothers are raining 3’s on the court
#flawless – Ryan Dube (check meme for further details)….and how we feel about all the Ravens fans
#teamConnorBarrett – He’s highly entertaining, we’re his number 1 fans!
#ourteamisbomb – cause they’re pretty good at sports
#FlynnRider – if you read our blog, you’ll already understand this one. There is a striking resemblance between our intellectual heartthrob and Mr Eugene Fitzherbert from Tangled. Holy smolder!
#ReleasetheKlassen – when you want to get the job done, send in Graham Klassen (ask and you shall receive…a meme…)
#BadBoyBakkerBlueEyes….or #BakkerBluesEyes (takes too many characters for the other one) – the King of intense eye contact, Mr Shane Bakker, gets his fair share of penalty minutes. He’s also a fan favourite…and it’s alliteration, just go with it.
#Lightningstrike – the power of Greek God Joe Pleckaitis. Don’t correct us on whether or not he’s Greek, we don’t care. (Pretty sure he’s related to Hercules though)
#hashtag – when we become overwhelmed by the sheer number of hashtags we use
#TNTisdynamite – TNT he’s dynamite, TNT he’s gonna start the fight, TNT he’s a ginger too, TNT he’s gonna FSU! Follow @TNT_Training1 on twitter. Do it.
#2PuckChuckCarre–  Say it really fast… you might get it.  There really is no explanation for this one… strange decisions are made when we are tired.
#therecanbeonlyone – we’re winners, we think like winners…aaaand, it’s a Highlander reference. Just accept the nerd references, it makes life more entertaining.
#HerecomestheBahm – Linden Bahm, he may be quiet off the ice, but on the ice the other teams better be prepared.
#SunsoutDuhnsout – it rhymes, we yell it when Nick Duhn is on the ice…and we also flex at the same time. When someone backs up on you in the club and you aren’t down, you flex and yell “Suns out, Duhns out!”…seriously, it works, especially when you’re in groups. Very intimidating.
#JackAttack – Walchessen…we couldn’t say your last name so we went with Jack Attack instead.
#ontothenextone – Win or lose, there is no sense in getting hung up on the last team, time to move on and prep for the next one.
#weloveourteam – does this really need an explanation?
#pylon – when teams can’t afford to scout properly and instead just put a pylon in net and call them a goalie.
#ourteamisBahm – as referenced earlier, Linden Bahm is pretty spectacular.
#hatAlbert – we like Brad Albert, he likes hats…also… #McDreamy….
#youcantdothat – when the other team does something stupid and the refs are actually paying attention…some people call them fouls or penalties, we just say “You fucked up!”
#whatchuknowaboutPylons – just adding onto the previous pylon hashtag, gotta keep it fresh! Some teams require many mentions of said pylon.
#letitflow – our team has sick flow and yours has got to go, let it flow, let it flow, let it flow. (Hockey hair…)
#CUcametoFSU – why go anywhere if you’re not planning to fuck shit up, CU Red Zone style.
#Ramthis – Ryerson sucks.
#ohIdratherbeaRaventhanaFrench – oh I’d rather hit the ice (court, field!) than ride the bench, all you have is poutine and all your plays are routine, oh I’d rather be a Raven than a French. Yeah, we’re ridiculously english…
#DirtyBirds – when Red Zone is around most jokes (thoughts, chirps, references, etc etc) are dirty…and Ravens are birds. Best. Explanation. Ever.
#WeheartSmart – Dave Smart is our phenomenal basketball coach. Rob (assistant coach/former player) is pretty awesome as well. The Smarts breed pretty awesome basketball stock.
#undefeated – this was true of last years team, but this year we strategically got the loss out of our system early.
#putLushin – our undying affection for Mr Taylor Lush, Red Zone member and former backup backup goalie for the Carleton Ravens.
#alwaysgoodforasoundbite – SSN Canada streams most of the OUA hockey and basketball games and can always be relied on for a great quote or two to tweet out at you guys.
#Giroux – our favourite Carleton Raven. I heard you were a wild one.
#GoRavensGo – If you don’t understand this one why are you on this blog?

Moral of the story is…we tweet a lot. More photographic examples to come!

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