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Final 8 Men’s Basketball Championships: Tell us what you want!

…what you really, really want! (yup, just went there)

Hali hotel

It’s almost that time of year again and this time the Ravens are hosting! On March 8-10th, the men’s basketball team will be taking on the best teams in the country to prove we’re still #1. We’ve got some stiff competition this year, but we aren’t very good at sharing (sorry UBC). Come out to support your Ravens each step of the way!

Many of you will have heard (or read) about our shenanigans in Halifax for the past two years and we want to bring as much of that experience to Ottawa as we can. While Ottawa may not have Power Hour (technically, but every day of the weekend can be Power Hour with Red Zone), we can still try and recreate some of that Halifax magic in our very own Kanata. We’ve been throwing around the idea of having a “Staycation” but we want to know how many of you want to wreak some havoc with us in Kanata. Red Zone is here to make sure Carleton students have as much fun as possible!

A weekend pass will include tickets to all 3 Ravens Games. If you don’t want to pay $35 for a weekend pass, you will have to buy the tickets individually (could end up being more expensive). For the “Staycation” we can either have 1 or two nights in the hotel. Choosing not to stay in Kanata would mean that you would have to get yourself out to Scotiabank Place each day. CUSA has agreed to have buses on the Friday night, but you will have to grab a 400 Series bus for Saturday and Sunday. Give us your feedback ASAP so we can get the planning started!

Vote below to let us know what you want and feel free to give other ideas in the comments section!

Go Ravens Go!

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