About Red Zone


Red Zone is an enthusiastic student group that comes out to most, if not all, of the Carleton varsity games to cheer on our athletes and foster Raven Pride and spirit throughout the entire campus. One of the key things that Red Zone does is inform students of the upcoming games through promotions in Residence and the University Centre. Our hard work really pays off when the stands are filled with a Sea of Red! Once the students are at the games, Red Zone takes it upon themselves to get people excited and enthusiastic about the games. When the athletes walk in, or hit the court/field/ice, we want them to get pumped and feed off that energy. By fostering this Raven Pride, Red Zone hopes to be a part of creating traditions that new students can take part in throughout the years.

When fans are out at the games dressed all in red, you are able to see that the athletes appreciate it. This is because our enthusiasm is contagious, and that energy adds to their own. When they are down in points, we are there cheering them on in high spirits, telling them that they can pull through. And when they are up in points, it’s madness. We also aid in getting into the other team’s heads, demoralizing their spirits in hopes that it will affect their ability to perform. The support doesn’t end with the game though, afterwards we use social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter to show our appreciation to the athletes at the end of the day. This gives us an opportunity to keep the athletes’ spirits high and to introduce the fans to the teams, allowing for a closer relationship between the two sides. Red Zone is the loud booming voice of the students, the unwavering support for the athletes, and Carleton’s contagious school spirit all bundled into one package.

So join Red Zone; the biggest, baddest fan club around!

Membership includes:

A CU Red Zone T-shirt 
Priority seating at games
First chance to buy floor seats for Capital Hoops!

 All this for only $10
(To get a Varsity Pass, visit Go Ravens)

Find us in the Atrium – we’ll be the ones in red.


2 thoughts on “About Red Zone

    1. Sorry for the late reply, but this blog isn’t the best way to get in touch with us. We are unfortunately all sold out of our Red Zone tickets, but will be selling other tickets today and tomorrow in UC.

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